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A variety of icons in different fandoms
Layout by spire.

There are a few rules (of course!) to know before you begin grabbing any of the icons up. Here they are.

1. Join the commnity : Not everyone enjoys having their friends list flooded with icon posts, and that won't happen here. I am usually a very busy person, so that's why I'm asking everyone who takes icons to please join.

2. Comment : Every icon community (or just about) makes you comment. This is just so I'll no who is taking what.

3. Credit : Granted, I'm not going to throw a fit if you don't, but I'd very much appreciate the credit back to me. You don't have to include links all over your journal or profile - all I ask you to do is in the comment section of your userpic, please leave credit.

4. Enjoy! (& tell your friends) : The most important rule of all. Enjoy them. Use them wherever you want. And if you rule, tell your friends.

On to other important things - I'm sure there will be pictures, brushes, textures, etc. that I use that are not mine. I will try my best to give credit where credit is due, but I can't promise I'll always know what came from where and who made it. So, if you see something of yours that has been used, please comment and let me know. I will gladly give you credit.